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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft’s Big Windows 8Announcements This Week

Steve Kovach | Jun. 18, 2012

_ Business Insider

This is going to be a huge week for Microsoft. Today, the company is expected to announce its first tablet, which will be designed to compete with the iPad.

今週は、Microsoft にとって Big Week となるだろう。今日、同社は、iPad と競合するためにデザインされた、最初のタブレットを発表すると期待されている。

On Wednesday, we’re expecting Microsoft to give us details on the next major version of its Windows Phone operating, which will likely be very similar to Windows 8.

そして水曜日には、きわめて Windows 8 に類似している、Windows Phone の次期バージョンについて、Microsoft から詳細な情報が提供されると期待している。

Here’s you need to know:

  • Microsoft will announce its own tablet. This will be the first time Microsoft builds the hardware and software for a tablet.
  • The tablet will run a special version of Windows 8 called “Windows RT.” Windows RT is designed to run on devices with ARM processors. Those are the same types of processors found…

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